Wood Versus Vinyl Plank FLooring

Fabricio Hardwood Floors installs a variety of flooring products in the Charlotte area including hardwood floors, engineered wood floors and vinyl plank flooring. Below we compare two types of flooring materials – wood floors and vinyl planks also called luxury vinyl planks (LVP). Both are popular options among homeowners and each has its own set of pros and cons which are discussed below.  

wood floors

Wood Floors

Hardwood floors are a great addition to any home. They add value, style and instantly create a warm, welcoming feeling. They are elegant and can easily be matched with the rest of the home style and decor. With so many wood species, board sizes and stain colors available, the options for hardwood floors installation are limitless. Hardwood floors come in either finished (already stained) or unfinished (unstained).

What are the benefits of hardwood floors?

  • Wood floors are easy to clean
  • They are attractive and will beautify the look of a room instantly
  • They add value and are a sought-after feature by home buyers
  • They are durable and can be sanded and stained the same or a different color multiple times over their lifespan
  • Hardwood floors have been around for a very long time and are here to stay
  • They are somewhat easy to repair in case of damage 

What are the disadvantage of hardwood floors?

  • Hardwood floors can be expensive. Depending on the wood specie you select, the cost can be substantial especially if you select an exotic wood specie
  • They are prone to scratching, bleaching under UV exposure and staining if not resealed regularly
  • Hardwood floors do not absorb sound and provide less noise-reduction when walked-on as compared to vinyl plank flooring. 
  •  They are not be the best surface if you have pets. The acid in animal urine can damage a hardwood floor finish. Heavier and active dogs with long nails can cause scratches and damage to the hardwood floors. 

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is a good alternative to hardwood floors especially if you have a limited budget. Vinyl flooring has come a long way and the options available today are nothing short of impressive. Below are some benefits and disadvantages about vinyl plank flooring.


Vinyl plank flooring Charlotte NC

What are the benefits of vinyl plank flooring?

  • Vinyl plank floors are durable, stain and water resistant
  • Rather than a single sheet of vinyl, LVP flooring comes in individual planks making repairs easier
  • You can get the look of hardwood floors at a fraction of the price of solid hardwood. Depending on the quality of the LVP you select, your family and friends might be hard-pressed to tell whether your floors are made of wood or vinyl
  • Vinyl plank flooring boosts a large selection of designs and colors and are easy to match to home style and decor
  • Vinyl plank flooring is easy to maintain and no sealing is needed
  • Vinyl plank floors are noise absorbent and a “quieter” flooring material

What are the disadvantages of vinyl plank flooring?

  • If you haven’t set aside additional vinyl planks for future repairs or can’t find matching plank style/color in stores, repairing vinyl plank flooring will be challenging
  • The only way to change the look of your vinyl floors is to change them altogether. With hardwood floors, you can sand and stain your floors a different color
  • Some vinyl flooring can be of poor quality. For durability, you would need to select a high quality LVP which can be more expensive
  • LVP does not add much value to your home and not as desirable as solid hardwood floor
  • Vinyl plank flooring is vulnerable to extreme heat

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