Sanding & Refinishing Staircase

Refinishing wood stairs is a meticulous process that requires advanced skills and patience. The results we can achieve with our wood stair refinishing services are pretty amazing. If you’re looking for an expert and detail-oriented stairs, railing, and spindle refinishing company in the Charlotte area, Fabricio Hardwood Floor is that company.

Charlotte refinishing staircase

Bringing new life to Your wood Staircase

Just as Fabricio Hardwood Floors professionally restores and refinishes hardwood floors, the same can be done with your hardwood stairs, railing, posts and spindles. Even though the process is time consuming as most of the work needs to be performed by hand, the result can be spectacular and can transform the overall look of your home.

 If you are interested in having your hardwood staircase refinished, contact us today to request an estimate. 

Wood Stair Refinishing and Staining Portfolio

Below are examples of wood stair refinishing and staining applications we’ve recently completely in the Charlotte region. For more examples of our work, visit our Instagram page.

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