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Fabricio Hardwood Floors is an established and reputable hardwood floor company serving Huntersville and the surrounding areas. Over the past 10 years, we have consistently worked hard and meticulously to become one of the best flooring company in Huntersville. With a solid five-star rating, hundreds of satisfied customers and over 4-million square feet of flooring installed, Fabricio Hardwood Floors is the expert company you’d want to work with for your residential and commercial flooring project. We have the talent, resources and know-how to take on any flooring project, no matter the size or complexity. If you want to get it done right and beautiful, Fabricio Hardwood Floors is the “go-to” flooring company.

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While our specialty at Fabricio Hardwood Floors is installing hardwood floors and refinishing old wood floors, we work with other flooring materials including Luxry Vinyl Plank (LVP) and Engineered Vinyl Plank (EVP), as well as other types of vinyl flooring. You can see some of our work here

New and improved flooring products hit the market every year, but solid hardwood floors remain the favorite and most thought after flooring product among consumers. While LVP and EVP do a good job at imitating the look of wood floors, they fall short of the natural beauty and feel of solid hardwood floors. Harwood floors are not without fault – they are sensitive to moisture, scratch easier than engineered vinyl flooring and require more upkeep and maintenance. If you are budget-conscious, engineered vinyl flooring might be a better choice for you. But over the life of your floor, hardwood floors are a much better choice for several reasons including the fact that they can be refinished (the same color or a different color) and made to look new again several times. That’s not the case with vinyl flooring. 
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If you live in or near Huntersville, Fabricio Hardwood Floors can assist you with your flooring project. From making recommendations about the type of floors best suited for your home or business, to color selection and installation, Fabricio Hardwood Floors does it all in the style you are looking for. We are the flooring experts in Huntersville. Call Fabricio Hardwood Floors today at (704) 774-7882 to request a free in person quote and to discuss your flooring project. You can also request a quote through our online estimate request form.

Huntersville hardwood floor refinishing services

If your wooden floors have seen better days, Fabricio Hardwood Floors can renew their look, eliminating years of wears and tears in a couple of day of work. Rather than replacing your existing wood floors, refinishing them is the most economical way to getting the new flooring look you want to achieve. 

Depending on what wood specie your floors are made of (traditional or exotic), their hardness and the colors you had them stained, some floors will show more wear and tear than others such as discolorations, scratches, dents and other types of blemishes.

Fabricio Harwood Floors is Huntersville’s best hardwood floor refinishing contractor. We have the best sanding equipment available, the best skills and the know-how to renew the look of your old wooden floors. 

As you know, one of the many advantages of hardwood floors is that they can be refinished several times, every 10 years or so, to extend their life. Some hardwood floors have lasted 100+ years with proper care and regular refinishing. Not all wood floors can be refinished to a blemish-free finish so you will need to contact Fabricio Harwood Floor for a flooring consultation to verify that indeed your floors can be refinished and not repaired or replaced.

Refinishing hardwood floors takes less time than replacing existing floors. It’s also less disruptive to your daily activities at home. Fabricio Hardwood Floors can also match stain colors so your newly refinished hardwood floors match the color you want. 

With proper upkeep, solid hardwood floors can last a lifetime. If you live in or near Huntersville and would like a quote to refinish your hardwood floors, contact Fabricio Hardwood Floors today at (704) 774-7882 or request a quote through our website

Huntersville hardwood floor repairs

Overtime, wood floors can get damaged beyond the scope of what refinishing them can accomplish. Thankfully, sections of wood flooring can be repaired, hence avoiding having to replace your entire flooring. 

Fabricio Hardwood Floors is one of the best hardwood floor repair contractors in Huntersville. We have extensive experience with wood floor repairs and can repair your flooring so the results don’t stand compared to the rest of the flooring. After all, the goal of a repair is for it to blend in the with the rest of your flooring, not stand out. 

Fabricio Hardwood Floors can match the wood species you have, the size of the planks, sand down the planks so the repair matches the thickness of other planks and the finish color for a seamless repair. Learn more about our wood floor repair services.

If you live in Huntersville or nearby, and need to an estimate to have your wood floors repaired, call Fabricio Hardwood Floors today at (704) 774-7882 or request a quote through our website. 

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Fabricio Hardwood Floors offers several high quality and professional services from installation to repairs for all your flooring needs. We work with homeowners and business owners in Huntersville in zip code 28078  and 28070.

If you live in Huntersville and need the assistance of a professional and reputable flooring company,  call Fabricio Hardwood Floors at (704) 774-7882 today or fill out our online contact form to request a free estimate. Our in-home estimates are free and our pricing is very competitive for the high quality of work we provide. 

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