Top Wood Flooring Trends for 2022

One of the best improvements you can make for your home is to have hardwood floors professionally installed. Hardwood floors will instantly had style, beauty and value to your home. It is one of those home improvements people really appreciate and that has a great ROI. Fabricio Hardwood Floors installs upwards of 60,000 square feet of flooring every month in the Charlotte area and is nicely positioned to see first hand the type of wood flooring homeowners want installed in their homes.  Below we go over some of  top wood flooring trends we have seen in 2022 while installing flooring throughout the Charlotte region. 

Wood flooring trends 2022 Charlotte

White Oak Flooring

White oak flooring is one of the top wood flooring trends we have observed, especially wide oak planks with a natural finish. White oak flooring, as attractive wood grain, is modern and is good match for light color spaces. White oak is grown is domestic, traditional wood specie grown in North America. It is found on the Eastern part. It is ideal for home used become of its durability durable and affordability since it is harvested in the USA. It is substantially more affordable than exotic wood species. You can view some of our white oak flooring installations in the Charlotte area here

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

If you are looking for a rustic look and are wanting an option that is eco-friendly, reclaimed wood flooring is the way to go. Reclaimed wood is one of the top flooring trends in 2022. It is full of character, has history and makes for a good conversation piece as well as looks beautiful. While it may require more work to get the wood planks ready for installation, it is well worth the money. Reclaimed wood planks is sourced from old barns, industrial warehouses and factories. Reclaimed wood is old and has had plenty of time to develop its unique characteristics. Those wood floors literally have their own unique story to tell.

Reclaimed wood flooring Charlotte
smoked wood flooring Charlotte

Smoked Wood Flooring

Smoked wood floors (also called fumed wood floors) are engineered using a process that is designed to enhance the wood grain on planks by drawing the tannings up to the surface. Doing so makes the wood planks look naturally weathered, darker and older to mimic the look of rustic and reclaimed woods. The results are achieved by exposing wood planks to ammonia in a controlled environment. The final patina will vary based on the type of wood used, the air/ammonia mix ratio used and the outside environment.

Gray Wood Floors

Gray wood flooring has also been a popular choice in 2022. It is a good choice for contemporary-style homes. The gray shades are achieved through various stains and finish. This process is labor intensive and not so easy to achieve. Existing wood floors can be refinished into gray flooring. Keep in mind that gray flooring is harder to match than other colors and is better suited in homes with contrasting colors such as black and white furniture and elements. It would not look so great in traditional type of homes.

Gray stained wood floors Charlotte

Whitewashed Wood Flooring

Whitewashed wood floors are popular on the west coast and in beach communities along the East coast. It does well with light and bright furniture and kitchen design. Whitewashing wood flooring projects a clean, minimalist aesthetic. The process of whitewashing involves applying a white stain or white tinted sealer to wood planks to lighten them without covering the wood grain. It is ideal to make small rooms look bigger thanks to the lighter colored flooring. Not all wood species are appropriate for whitewashing. Light color wood species such as maple, ash and pine are better suited for this look.

hand-Scrapped Wood Flooing

For added customization and uniqueness, hand-scrapped wood flooring is a great option. Hand-scrapped wood flooring has more definition and texture than regular wood planks (not as smooth) The process is done by hand after the flooring is installed. Because the finish is rougher, it won’t show age as much and won’t show scratches and dents has much of the years. The wood planks are usually finished with an oil or lacquer. The look of hand-scrapped flooring is rustic and textured.

hand scrapped wood flooring Charlotte

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