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Fabricio Hardwood Floors specializes in hardwood floor refinishing and wood floor restoration in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas. We restore old, worn out wood flooring and make them look new again. Our hardwood floor refinishing experts have years of experience refinishing and restoring all types of wood floors to pristine condition. If you live in the Charlotte NC area and have dull, stained, dented or scratched hardwood floors, don’t wait – contact Fabricio Hardwood Floors today. You’ll be amazed by the results we can achieve with our hardwood floor refinishing service. 

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service

Restoring damaged, dull hardwood floors can be achieved by having them professionally sanded and refinished.  Hardwood floor refinishing is a great way to get brand new-looking floors without incurring the cost associated with installing brand new wood floors

Whether you want to eliminate imperfections in your flooring, change the stain color or bring back its original luster, hardwood floor restoration is the most economical way to get the job done. But it must be done right the way. At Fabricio Hardwood Floors, we have years of experience restoring wood floors in the Charlotte NC area and guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the quality of our work and overall experience with our team of professionals. View some of our hardwood floor refinishing projects completed in the Charlotte area.

hardwood floor refinishing before picture
Fabricio Hardwood Floors recently completed a hardwood floor refinishing project in Waxhaw, NC.  This flooring project involved refinishing floors with dura-seal and three coats of an oil-base polyurethane for a more modern and update look.

To find out if your existing wood floors can be restored and what it would cost to get them refinished, they need to be assessed by an industry professional. Not all wood floors can refinished.  If you live in the Charlotte NC area and are interested in having a wood floor expert take a look at your wood flooring, call us today at (704) 774-7882 or request a free in-home estimate

Here is an example of wood floor restoration whereas the original wood floors were damaged and discolored. Fabricio Harwood Floors was able to restore the old wood floors in this house to pristine condition.


Refinishing hardwood floors is a process whereas thin layers of solid wood are removed through sanding. To minimize the dusty mess caused by sanding, Fabricio Hardwood Floor uses professional dustless sanders. Solid hardwood floors can usually be refinished several times in their lifespan. That’s not the case with engineered wood floors that have a very thin top layer that can only be refinished a couple of times maximum. Refinishing hardwood floors is a three-step process that involves sandingstaining and buffing. Each step is as important as the other to ensure the best result possible.

1. Sanding

The goal of the sanding process is to remove the top layers of wood to remove wood stain, scratches, indentations and defects on the floor that arose from normal wear and tear. Using different grit levels will create a smooth surface onto which a stain color will ultimately be applied.

Sanding is a natural approach to removing the surface of hardwood floors as compared to using harsh chemicals to strip older finish. Depending on the type of sanders used, sanding hardwood floors can create a dusty mess. This is especially inconvenient as dust can enter air ducts, electrical outlets, and collect on fabrics and other surfaces. Thankfully, professional hardwood floor refinishing companies like Fabricio Hardwood Floors use dustless sanders that sucks and contains dust to minimize / eliminate any mess.

2. Stain Application

Once the wood floor has been professionally sanded and vacuumed to remove dust particles, it’s time to apply a wood stain. Fabricio Hardwood Floors offers several stains colors to choose from. If the hardwood floor will be refinished the same color it was before, our flooring specialist can assist in selecting a stain color that closely match the original floor color. Once the stain has been applied, several coats of high quality urethane are applied to protect the wood floor and increase its durability. A sealant will also be applied to provide some water resistance. 

hardwood floor buffing

3. Buffing

Before the final coat is applied, Fabricio Hardwood Floors will buff the floor after the wood stain has been applied to remove any final imperfections. If you plan to keep your wood floor the same original color, it may not be necessary to fully refinish it. If your floor has become dull / lack luster, but has no major dents or scratches and no discoloration, it might be possible to bring back its luster with buffing and the application of a polyurethane coat. This option will take less time and will cost less than fully refinishing your floors. 

If you live in the Charlotte NC area and have dull, stained, dented or scratched hardwood floors, don’t wait – contact Fabricio Hardwood Floors today. We can provide you with a quick, free quote. You’ll be amazed by the results we can achieve with our hardwood floor refinishing service. Call us today at (704) 774-7882 or request a free in-home estimate.

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