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At Fabricio Hardwood Floors, we believe that customers should have peace of mind when investing in new flooring. We appreciate the homeowners who trusted us with their flooring project and understand that they could have easily selected another company for the job, but instead chose us. Customer service and customer satisfaction is our first priority and our promise to you is that we’ll deliver results you can be proud of.

Having new hardwood floors installed or having your existing floors refinished is an investment. To make it easier for you to find out if Fabricio Hardwood Floors is the right company for your project, we’d like to invite to read our reviews and check out our portfolio of work. We also offer a one-year warranty on workmanship whereas if within one year of the work performed by Fabricio Hardwood Floors a defect in workmanship arise, Fabricio Hardwood Floors will at no cost to the customer, come and repair the defect.

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