Advantages of Unfinished Wood Flooring Planks

Solid wood flooring planks come in two different finishes: pre-finished and unfinished. As the name indicates, pre-finished wood planks come from the factory already stained with a pre-selected color and  sealed with a final coat for protection, ready to be installed in a home. On the other hand, unfinished wood flooring planks come unfinished, meaning the planks are all natural wood that will need to be sanded, stained and sealed on location. Fabricio Hardwood Floors has extensive experience installing unfinished wood flooring in homes across the Charlotte region. Below we go over several advantages of having unfinished hardwood flooring installed in your home.

Unfinished Wood Flooring offers A More Customized Look

When choosing to have unfinished hardwood floors installed in your home, you are basically working with a blank canvas.  You can really let your creativity run wild to create wood floors that are truly custom and unique to you.

One of the main disadvantage of pre-finished wood flooring planks which is also the main advantage of unfinished wood flooring planks is that pre-finished flooring comes in a limited selection of colors and sizes. Depending on the look you are wanting to achieve with your flooring, you might not find the color and size planks you’d like for your home. You won’t have this issue with unfinished wood flooring planks. 

unfinished wood floor planks installation in Charlotte NC

When working with unfinished wood planks, the professionals at Fabricio Hardwood Floors will stain several wood planks side by side and in your home to showcase different stain colors of your choice. This makes selecting a stain color much easier and flexible than if you ha to select from the preset colors available with pre-finished wood planks. 

Fabricio Hardwood Floors can make stain color recommendations or use your own stain color or just go with a natural, clear finish that will reveal the natural beauty, characteristics and grain of the wood specie you selected. 

multicolor unfinished wood flooring installation Charlotte NC

Mixing and Matching Different Plank Sizes

With unfinished wood planks, you can choose planks of different sizes, as well as different wood species and different stain colors to create a very unique, customized and attractive look. This possible because unfinished wood planks are finished (sanded, stained and sealed) on site at your home. 

Even though unfinished wood planks usually cost less than pre-finished planks, installing unfinished wood floors is more labor intensive, but the results, when the work is done professionally,  are quite fantastic. If you are looking for a unique look for your flooring, unfinished wood planks is the way to go.

Unfinished wood flooring planks are installed flushed with one another

The edges of unfinished wood planks flat, not beveled . This allows for wood planks to be installed flushed  against one another when joined together during the flooring installation. If there are slight height variations in the planks or your subfloors, being able to sand wood planks on location when being installed is the superior way to achieve a level and flush solid wood floor. 

Pre-finished wood planks have micro bevels on the edge which are designed to conceal imperfections related to height and width differentials. While some homeowners like the micro bevel look, others prefer to have the flush surface typical of unfinished wood floors. 

Going all “Natural”

With unfinished wood planks, there is much more control of the final appearance of the newly installed wood floors than with pre-finished. Going with a clear cost finish without staining the wood planks is a good way to showcase the natural colors and beauty of the wood specie you selected. A lighter or darker stain color can be used to reveal or conceal the characteristics of the wood planks. 

Wood floors that are finished on site allow for a better uniformity of seal and finish by filling the empty spaces and cracks that often results from uneven floors. It allows for our craftsmen to work on inlays, borders and other custom elements of your flooring. View some of our wood floor installations.

If you live in the Charlotte area and are interested in having unfinished wood floors installed in your home, we would love to hear about your project and have the opportunity to earn your business. Contact Fabricio Hardwood Floors today to request your free in-home consultation. 

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